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Continue reading »]]> Pine seedlingHello SCKC member, allow me to introduce myself. I am a newly planted tree at the recently rehabilitated State Line river access and I am speaking for my fellow shrubs, trees and plants. Thank you for giving us such a wonderful place to live and grow by developing this marvelous riverside site with your club’s support. You can’t believe how inspiring it is to watch you having a fun time on the water.

However, I and the other members of our State Line plant community are in big trouble right now and face an uncertain and grim future already in our tender, young lives. You see, the soil here along the river is sparse and rocky. Until we develop a deeper root system, the ferocity of unrelenting summer heat will take a heavy toll on us without your help. Our shallow roots need only two simple things to survive: water and caring people to bring it to us. We have overheard that the money for a planned irrigation system has “dried up”, a phrase that sends terror through our delicate pulp wood hearts. Through the kindness of a couple of community group volunteers, we are “hanging on”. They come on occasion with a water truck from the Spokane County Conservation District and refresh us. Just like us, those kindly humans need some relief from this duty as the cruel summer wears on. Can we count on you for our survival? Please contact Stan.

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SCKC Volunteers Assist Disabled Paddlershttp://www.sckc.ws/topic/general-interest/sckc-volunteers-assist-disabled-paddlers/ http://www.sckc.ws/topic/general-interest/sckc-volunteers-assist-disabled-paddlers/#comments Wed, 09 Jul 2014 03:21:49 +0000 http://www.sckc.ws/?p=3270

Continue reading »]]> Led by Tim Ahern, SCKC members Brian Durheim, Stan Mrzygod, Lisa, Brook and Owen Swanson joined with St. Luke’s Rehabilitation Institute and Team River Runner to assist with the water sports segment of the “Outdoor Recreation Experience” at Bear Lake County Park on June 21st. They offered paddling opportunities to dozens of disabled men, women, children and their family members. It was five hours of almost nonstop action; launching, escorting and disembarking paddlers from a very busy patch of shoreline. The obvious delight on the faces of all the new paddlers was more than ample reward for the SCKC volunteers.

Lisa and Brook Swanson, Tim Ahern prepare a guest for a canoe tour.

Lisa and Brook Swanson, Tim Ahern prepare a guest for a canoe tour. ~ photo by Stan Mrzygod

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2014 Whitewater Kayak Clinichttp://www.sckc.ws/topic/safety/2014-whitewater-kayak-clinic/ http://www.sckc.ws/topic/safety/2014-whitewater-kayak-clinic/#comments Mon, 07 Jul 2014 21:49:04 +0000 http://www.sckc.ws/?p=3264

Continue reading »]]> The Whitewater Kayak Clinic took place on June 21-22 and had 7 participants. Jon Wilmot of Flow Adventures organized and instructed the sessions. The first day, which was at Boulder Beach, concentrated on wet exits, T-rescues and paddle strokes among other skills. Day two featured a run down the lower Spokane river, taking out at TJ Meenach.

We look forward to seeing these new members on the Wednesday night paddles! Thanks to Jon and other members of Flow Adventures for another successful clinic!

Skills practice at the whitewater kayak clinic

Whitewater kayak clinic participants practice new skills.

Violet Sturgeon at the whitewater clinic

One of our younger members, Violet Sturgeon, at the whitewater kayak clinic

photos by Celene Olgeirsson

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Farewell to Linda Becker, SCKC Editorhttp://www.sckc.ws/topic/general-interest/farewell-to-linda-becker-sckc-editor/ http://www.sckc.ws/topic/general-interest/farewell-to-linda-becker-sckc-editor/#comments Fri, 09 May 2014 18:12:22 +0000 http://www.sckc.ws/?p=3029

Continue reading »]]> After eight years behind the SCKC typewriter, (has it really been that long?!), our esteemed editor, Linda Becker, is stepping down from her position. She and her husband Ted will be moving out of state to be closer to family members. To my recollection, no previous editor has served for such a lengthy duration or advanced our organization so far forward and as quickly as Linda has. Shortly after Al Gore invented the internet, which revolutionized the way entire globe communicated, it was abundantly clear that any business, church or social club had to “buy into” it and get aboard or be left in the dust of the 20th century. Fortunately for us, Linda stepped up at a critical time and volunteered to replace our previous editor, Tracy Wilson-Burns, who was moving to Boise.

Stan, Linda and Lynn

Stan and Lynn Mrzygod with Linda Becker at May’s Paddle Board meeting

I remember the moment when the Paddle Board was informed that we had the luck of an immediate replacement…Linda Becker. Linda who? Well, we all soon found out not only who she was, but what she could do for our club. Under her guidance we transformed ourselves from a paper-copy bulletin, which required costly printing and postage fees for mailing, and many mind-numbing volunteer hours of licking stamps, stuffing and addressing envelopes, each and every month of the year! Already innately driven and organized, Linda possessed the willingness to learn all the needed tricks of the new technology to produce an online version of the Eddy Line which we enjoy today. It is informative, “real-time”, accurate and responsive to the needs of the Club. This takes much work. Linda spends up to 8 hours a week at times, interacting with members and the Paddle Board to post and update events, trip reports, digital images, advertising, schedules, and the list goes on and on. Every detail of the Eddy Line is meticulously prepared and presented, thanks to her. Her “swan song” will be the implementation of on-line registration for the upcoming SCKC Spokane River Classic on August 23rd. THANK YOU, LINDA! Good Luck!

So…. How will the Club fill Linda’s big size-four boots? Celene Olgeirsson, also a size four, as chance has it, will be transitioning from the president’s chair to behind the SCKC typewriter. Again, luckily for us, we have a new editor with all the desired attributes; smarts, energy and new-age skills, to take the Eddy Line and the web site to still greater heights. Thank you, Celene, for once again putting service to SCKC above self.

As per our bylaws, Stan Mrzygod will be the interim president until elections are held later this year. He was president way back in 1988, so please cut him some slack as it has been a while!

photo by Tim Ahern

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Volunteer Opportunities Abound!http://www.sckc.ws/topic/general-interest/volunteer-opportunities-abound/ http://www.sckc.ws/topic/general-interest/volunteer-opportunities-abound/#comments Fri, 09 May 2014 18:00:02 +0000 http://www.sckc.ws/?p=3025

Continue reading »]]> Our world would be a poorer place without those who generously give of themselves. Here are some worthy causes in need of “heroes” like you! Mark your calendars and contact the leaders listed.

REI Trail Days, Sunday, June 1st ~ Last year I “bossed” a crew of mostly Geocachers although I was the lone SCKC volunteer. I had a blast and met some terrific people! This year we will be working again on extending the “Knothead Trail” north of the Indian Painted Rocks in the Little Spokane River Natural Area. This is non-technical, pick-and-shovel work. Let’s have a SCKC trail team this year! Contact Stan.

Clinics Coordinator Needed for Upcoming Instruction in July ~ This duty entails the administrative actions to process registration documents and payments for the upcoming canoe and sea kayak clinics. This allows our instructors to better concentrate on teaching. Contact Stan.

Paddle Splash & Play, Saturday, August 9th ~ If you like to see kids having fun on the water this is the event to get involved in! Help introduce the next generation to the marvelous world of paddle sports that you discovered years ago. Long Lake Resort. Contact Tim Ahern.

Spokane River Classic, Saturday, August 23rd ~ This is the biggest SCKC sponsored event EVER and do we ever need volunteers to make this event a success! Volunteer and/or paddle. Talk it up with your family, friends, co-workers, etc. This is the next Bloomsday and Hoopfest! All proceeds benefit Spokane River access projects, which directly impacts paddlers such as us. Bring your friends and families and celebrate our “home town river” near the downtown area. Food trucks, prize drawings, two paddle courses for all paddle craft types, a watercraft expo, ice cream, even a beer garden! Contact Stan.

Stan Mrzygod, SCKC President

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Membership Recognitionhttp://www.sckc.ws/topic/general-interest/membership-recognition/ http://www.sckc.ws/topic/general-interest/membership-recognition/#comments Fri, 09 May 2014 17:47:00 +0000 http://www.sckc.ws/?p=3014

Continue reading »]]> Recently a select committee of Paddle Board members solicited and reviewed nominations from SCKC members for inclusion on the beautiful “Snider Tribute Trophy” and the “Snider Sea Runner Brass Kayak”, sculpted by long-time SCKC member Bob Snider. The following deserving nominees were approved by SCKC president Celene Olgeirsson:

“Snider Tribute Trophy”

  • Outstanding contributors – Linda Becker, Lynn & Stan Mrzygod
  • Significant Contributors – Diane Adams, Tim Ahern, Dennis Andrew, Brian Durheim, Carol & Eric Erickson, Bob Horrocks, Susan Luchesi, Terry Miller, Jim Nelson, Celene Olgeirsson, John Schwartz, Linda White, Tracy Wilson-Burns
  • Life Time Membership, 25 years – Bill Brooks, Laurie and Dick Byrd, Lucy & Jerry Cesaratto, Chuck Fisk, Tom Guthrie, Sheila Wagner-Harless, Jim Harless, Rich Landers, Darrell Libby, Mark Miller, Lynn & Stan Mrzygod, Robin & Scott Redman, Dick & Kathy Spencer, Mary & Larry Wright

“Snider Sea Runner Bronze Kayak” Paddling Prowess – Tim Ahern, Dennis Andrew, Steve Bailey, Jerry Cesaratto, Brian Durheim, Bob Horrocks, Darrell Libby, Susan Luchesi, Roy Massena, Terry Miller, Celene Olgeirsson

Snider Tribute Trophy

Snider Tribute Trophy

Snider Sea Runner Bronze Kayak

The Snider Sea Runner Bronze Kayak

The Paddle Board and the entire membership offer congratulations and thanks to each distinguished honoree for their service and dedication to the Spokane Canoe and Kayak Club.

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Paddling Season is Finally Here!http://www.sckc.ws/topic/safety/paddling-season-is-finally-here/ http://www.sckc.ws/topic/safety/paddling-season-is-finally-here/#comments Fri, 09 May 2014 16:58:02 +0000 http://www.sckc.ws/?p=3006

Continue reading »]]> This is the time of year many of us paddlers have been waiting for! Energized by abundant sunshine, rising water levels and thermometers, we are eager to wet the hull and pull on the paddle. Hold on a second, however! Now is a good time to go online and review the Trip Coordinator’s Guide, whether you are coordinating a trip or participating as a member. The guide lays out what the responsibilities are, and are NOT for both coordinators and participants. The guide was reviewed and updated a couple of years ago. Re-reading it before hitting the river or lake will be beneficial to all concerned. A clear understanding of the points will assist you in preparing for your upcoming Club trip. Please click here and take a few moments – it’s worth it.

Pre-paddle meeting

Coordinators and paddlers review responsibilities before launching.

Story and photo by Stan Mrzygod

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Bonnie Lake “Ice Breaker”http://www.sckc.ws/topic/general-interest/bonnie-lake-ice-breaker/ http://www.sckc.ws/topic/general-interest/bonnie-lake-ice-breaker/#comments Thu, 10 Apr 2014 03:34:38 +0000 http://www.sckc.ws/?p=2958  
Saturday, April 19th

Whether or not you’ve been to Bonnie Lake previously, this trip is an excellent way to celebrate the glory of springtime. Song birds, wild flowers, water falls, basalt arches, an island of exposed Pre-Cambrian bedrock, good times, good company! Contact Tim Ahern.
The creek into Bonnie Lake

Photos by Stan Mrzygod

Basalt arches

Wildflowers at Bonnie Lake

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From the VP’s Deskhttp://www.sckc.ws/topic/general-interest/from-the-vps-desk/ http://www.sckc.ws/topic/general-interest/from-the-vps-desk/#comments Wed, 09 Apr 2014 21:26:35 +0000 http://www.sckc.ws/?p=2953

Continue reading »]]> First of all, thanks to all those who signed up to coordinate trips during the 2014 paddling season, especially the dedicated supporters of the Wednesday and Thursday Night Paddles. Without these two mainstays this year’s schedule would be noticeably “thin” as weekend trip offerings are notably lacking. I am asking each member to give a side-by-side review of their personal calendars and the SCKC 2014 paddling schedule and help fill in those open weekend dates. We have many members who are eager to share your favorite “stretch of water” with you. The schedule is a flexible tool that can be easily augmented with additional trip offerings by contacting our editor, Linda Becker. Let’s fill up the schedule!

Secondly, significant progress is being made by the Spokane River Classic planning committee towards insuring a safe, fun and memorable event. Why did the SCKC Paddle Board commit the Club to organize this event? Well, after thoroughly researching historical “Spokane Canoe Club” files dating back to the early 1980’s, (the “Spokane Kayak Club” was a separate organization!), I can say with conviction that this river event is “in our genes”.

I discovered an old 1983 bulletin which alludes to the “3rd Annual Spokane River Canoe and Kayak Race”. It grew significantly under Bob Snider’s and Vic and Robbi Castleberry’s guidance to the “U.S. West Cellular Coeur d’Alene to Spokane Canoe Classic” from 1985 to 1990. How they fit all those words on a tee shirt is beyond me. Perhaps each participant received an XX Large, regardless of their actual size, for their efforts!

International Olympic class paddlers competed for thousands of dollars in purse money. The race was 43 miles long, portaged around two dams and included Flora and Sullivan Rapids. (Please read “From the Archives…” this month for two Spokesman-Review articles reporting on the 1989 race – high stakes, stiff competition and a photo finish!) A downturn in the economy and the absorption of sponsorship dollars to Bloomsday and Hoopfest necessitated a transition to a less ambitious, lower cost, shorter mileage event. Mountain Gear generously adopted the “Spokane River Canoe Classic” and did a marvelous job of keeping it going until 2012. I have many of the commemorative tee shirts myself in addition to numerous fond memories. For the first time in decades, there was no event in 2013.

So, why not just allow the “Classic” to paddle off into the sunset? There are several worthwhile reasons. The sad passing of Robbi Castleberry last summer got many members to consider a meaningful way to honor her deeds within the Spokane community and the Club. Also, the Spokane River, our “Hometown” river, needs to be celebrated and highlighted to the larger community. It is a magnificent asset. Lastly, river access needs to be maintained, defended, procured. Proceeds from the 2014 Spokane River Classic will go towards access projects.

I need each and every member who reads this Eddy Line to become a part of this celebration. The Spokane River Classic needs money in the way of donations and sponsorships to “pull off” this event. If you have an employer, are a business owner yourself, or just wish to contribute some time and/or money, please contact me. If nothing else, bring your SUP, kayak or canoe to the McKinstry Access on August 23rd and celebrate the river!

Stan Mrzygod

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Wednesday Night Paddles Begin!http://www.sckc.ws/topic/general-interest/wednesday-night-paddles-begin/ http://www.sckc.ws/topic/general-interest/wednesday-night-paddles-begin/#comments Wed, 09 Apr 2014 03:44:59 +0000 http://www.sckc.ws/?p=2929

Continue reading »]]> Updated May 8, 2014
Greetings, SCKC white water enthusiasts! The Wednesday night paddles began April 16th. We’ll meet at 5:30 PM at the Mirabeau parking area to organize into our shuttle; then we’ll head for the put-in at Barker Road.

Come to the paddles prepared to swim. If you’re a beginning boater you need to know you will likely take a swim or two on this section of the river. If you’ve never done a wet exit I will want you to do one, just to be sure you know how to get out of your boat if you go upside down and cannot roll. 

If you have one, a dry suit is the best option. If you don’t have one of these very expensive suits, then perhaps a wet suit with long johns underneath and a dry top with warm fleece underneath. You may also want pogies or gloves or mittens. A head heater under your helmet is also a good thing to have. Neoprene booties with wool or fleece socks under them is a good idea. 

A helmet is a must. So is a life vest.

If you do not have the gear to be in cold water at the end of the day when the sun is going down, then it would be better to wait a while for warmer weather.

For the end of the run you should leave adequate clothing at the take-out to change into something dry and maybe a jacket and dry hat. If you are wet and the sun is going down you will be cold.

If you have any questions feel free to call (532-0247) or e-mail me. Please don’t call on the day of the paddle, as I will likely not have time to receive your call and get back to you. It’s best to contact me a couple of days or more in advance.

I’m looking forward to seeing you on the river!

Susan Luchesi

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