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SCKC'ers gathered around the firepit after a great day on the Salmon River

  1. Backpack Cookery. Ruth Dyar Mendenhall.
  2. Cookery. Claudia Pearson/NOLS.
  3. From Gourmet to Just Plain Good. Lara Wettig.
  4. Gorp, Glop & Glue Stew. Prater and Mendenhall.
  5. Kayak Cookery. Linda Daniel.
  6. River Runners Recipes. Patricia Chambers.
  7. Smart Breakfasts. Jane Kinderlehrer.
  8. The One Burner Gourmet. Hariett Barker.
  9. Trail Foods, Easy, Healthy and Delicious. Carolyn Gunn.
  10. Woodall’s Campsite Cookbook. Marilyn A. Bartmess, Ed..

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