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Odds and Ends

  1. America by Rivers. Tim Palmer.
  2. Canoecraft, Guide to Woodstrip Construction. Moores and Mohr.
  3. Coming Into The Country. John McPhee.
  4. Fur Trade Canoe Routes of Canada Then and Now. Eric W. Morse.
  5. Impassable Canyon, Journey Down The Middle Fork of. Sun Valley Press.
  6. Keep it Moving, Baja by Canoe. Valerie Fons.
  7. Listening to Whales. Alexandra Morton.
  8. Paddling My Own Canoe. Audrey Sutherland.
  9. Puget Sound Current Guide. Island Canoe.
  10. River Cruising Atlas, Columbia, Snake, Willamette. Evergreen Pacific.
  11. River of No Return. Carrey & Conley.
  12. Rivers Running Free, Canoeing Stories By Adventurous Women. Niemi & Wieser.
  13. Roadless Area. Paul Brooks.
  14. Seekers of the Horizon, Sea Kayaking Voyages from Around the World. Will Nordby, ed..
  15. Singing Grass, Burning Sage. Nature Conservancy.
  16. Survival of the Bark Canoe. John McPhee.
  17. The Last River. Todd Balf.
  18. The Man Who Walked Through Time. Colin Fletcher.
  19. The Old Trails West. Ralph Moody.
  20. The Tsunami Ranger Anthology. Soares and Kakuk, ed.
  21. Threading the Currents, A Paddler’s Passion for Water. Alan S. Kesselheim.
  22. Visions of the Inland Northwest. John Sale, ed.
  23. Whitewater Boatman, The Making of A River Guide. Robert S. Wood.

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