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VHS Videos

  1. A Second Helping A Review of Kayak Basics. Nantahala Outdoor Center.
  2. An Introduction to Quietwater Canoeing. United States Canoe Association.
  3. Cold, Wet & Alive. ACA.
  4. Flatwater Canoeing the Missouri River, Montana. Trailside.
  5. Heads Up!: River Rescue for River Runners. ACA.
  6. Just Add Water: Instant Rodeo Star. Bob McDonough and Shane Benedict.
  7. Kayak 101: Mastering the Basics. Joe Holt Productions.
  8. Paddlemania Worldwide. Enviro-Action Sports.
  9. Paddler’s Personal Trainer. Bonesteel Films.
  10. Retendo!, The Art of Precision Playpaddling. Performance Video and Instruction.
  11. The Kayak Roll. Kent Ford, et al.

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